best wifi router for long rangeA lot of your impersonal and personal information goes through your router. Protection against infiltration is, therefore, paramount. Also, you do not want to be paying for someone else’s internet use. You need to ensure nobody can connect to your router without your consent. Different routers come with different security protocols depending on the brand and the technology used. Old routers might not have some of the modern, robust security protocols. In a bid to ensure your network is secure, you need to turn on several security features. Below are five security features that you should tun on if your router has them. If it doesn’t have some of them, maybe you should consider getting an up-to-date router.

  1. WPA2 Encryption

The WPA2 Encryption is one of the most paramount security features of any router. If your router does not have this security feature, it is not worth having. WPA2 Encryption is a necessity for any router. Leaving your router without WPA2 Encryption is equivalent to leaving all the doors and windows to your home open.

  1. Guest Network Access

This security feature is very convenient in an office where you need to provide internet connection for guests. You may not want to provide the WIFI password to the guests since you don’t want them gaining access to other resources within the network. The guest network is your best way around. A guest network allows your guest to be connected to the internet without accessing your network.

  1. Firewall

Infiltration into your network can also come from the internet. Most infiltrations actually come from the internet. A built-in firewall, therefore, becomes paramount. The firewall on the router allows you to block traffic to your network from unknown sources. You can also use it to block access parts or the whole of the internet for some of your network users.

  1. VPN

Virtual private networks are used to conceal your location and identity. The virtual private network keeps assigning you connection random IP addresses to ensure no one can discover your identity or location. You can also choose a fixed IP address of the VPN to display, to appear as if you are in a particular location which you are not. VPNs are very resourceful when you need to access the internet anonymously.

  1. Timed Access

This feature allows you to allow access to the network to various people. Timed access is a basic feature that allows you to set the router to switch itself off at certain times. This feature is very convenient when you want to prevent your kids from late night browsing.

The above features are meant to ensure you have total control of your wireless router.

In a bid to help you get the most out of your wireless router, we put our best foot forward in trying to educate you about the Best Wireless Routers 2020. The Best wireless router for home 2020 should have all the features mentioned above. Our aim is to ensure you have a robust and secure network.