best wireless router for 100 dollarsData or internet connection comes at a cost. Having a wireless router means other people close to your home or office will be receiving the WIFI signal. You do not want to be paying for someone else’s connections. As such it is always prudent to ensure you put up a password on your router to ensure no one can access it. You change the password through the admin panel. The admin panel has a username and password too. This password is supposed to be secret. You use the admin panel for router settings such as parental controls too. A new router has a default password. Once you are done setting up the router, it is prudent to change the Admin password. Assuming you have already set up the router and you are coming back to change the admin username and password, below are some steps to follow.

  • Login to the admin panel of your router by typing the or IP addresses into your browser, depending on the router’s brand
  • Use the current login credentials to login into the admin panel. Assuming you have not changed them from the defaults, the username will be admin, and the password is password
  • Go to the administrative or security tab. Click on change your username or password option. These labels might differ depending on the brand of router you are using.
  • Enter the new login credentials and click okay

Changing the login credentials should be a straightforward process if you have already managed to set up the router. Although different router brands might have different administration panel layouts, the frame of the procedure is basically the same. It should be pretty simple for you to make changes on your router. If you experience any difficulties, you can seek help on the support page of the respective brand you are using.

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