Privacy Policy and Disclaimer:

A good website relies on extensive research. This is what we majorly consider for our website. Data integrity and security is important to our visitors. We have a strict policy that helps us protect any information c gathered from various visitors.


We are keen on gathering information about our visitors which is mostly not personal. This may include; preferred language, date and time visitors frequent the website. Different visitors have different web interactive mannerism, the information collected helps us to make changes thus maximizing customers’ experiences. This analysis is carried out as often as possible which may be used from time to time so at to reflect on our website performance.

Personal information collected may be Internet Protocols (IP) or financial accounts where transactions are being made. Such sensitive information may be collected in an instance where a visitor actively uses our website say leaving comments in a blog.

Our server gets more information if a visitor actively interacts with our website. When creating an account on our website, you may need a username, and a valid email, where you wish to transact with us bank details will be required. This information is personal and can only be disclosed to authorized employees, contractors and partner organization.

The data collected is well analyzed and presented as one batch. For instance, a visitor’s personal home address may be displayed publicly especially where the transaction involves physically interacting with the visitor.

Access to Visitor Information

Only authorized people described above can have full access to our visitors’ information, but we have strict policies that they have to adhere to;

  1. At no given point will they disclose a visitors’ information to any unauthorized party.
  2. Once they finish analyzing a given set of data they should provide the statistical information as feedback.

We are obligated to provide a visitors’ information where a legal court order is produced or when a government authority asks for it. Our welfare may at times require us to disclose a visitors’ information. Any progress or follow up is communicated to those visitors whom we have their contact information.

We offer data integrity and security to all our visitors, and we are keen on who accesses our visitors’ information. We do not allow unauthorized access or alteration to visitors’ data.


Cookies are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website and can be accessed by the web server or the client computer, and they help your browser remember your preferred pages while at the website. They help keep track of visitor’s interactions with the website.

Company Transfer

Where amalgamation and acquisition occur, all the information is transferred to the new company. Continued use of our website simply means you agree with the new company and its policies.

Policy Changes

Any change in policy is immediately communicated to our visitors. Those with active subscriptions are notified immediately. If a visitor continues to use our website, it means they agree with the changes made.

Terms of Use

Viewing content on any website means that you agree to the terms and conditions that are subjected to the said website. Our website is subject to this terms and conditions that apply to any entity we publish or any visitor that interacts with our website. All content published on our website is protected by Copyright and Trademark regulations. It is important to agree with the governing laws and if you wish not to you have no right to use our website.

Privacy Policy

Information about new visitors is collected in a distinguishing manner. Information includes; personal, non-personal, identifying and non-identifying information. Our privacy policy helps use safeguard all the information collected on our servers. Information collected from you is subject to the privacy policy at any given time. The Terms and Conditions should be agreed upon, and this gives us consent to use your information

Website’s Intellectual property

Any content published on the website from any party is our intellectual property. Visitors should not be authorized to reproduce, republish, sell, rent or redistribute the said content. Without permission to use the content, any such action may attract a lawsuit or criminal charges.


Your engagement on the websites shall prescribe to the boundaries allowed by the applicable laws of the country from which you are visiting the website. Your interactions on the website shall not be offensive, obscene, derogatory, harassing or inconveniencing. You are not allowed to use the website for advertisements or any other commercial activities. Failure to adhere to these laws will result in criminal charges and a probable lawsuit.

Restricted Access

We reserve the right to allow or deny access anyone access to the website. There are also restricted sections of the website. We reserve the right to admission to such sections. We may require personal identifying information in such instances. You must agree to a non-disclosure policy for you to be given access to the restricted areas.

Changes in our terms and policy may occur at any point, especially when the changes are supposed to impact us positively and are within the applicable laws and regulations. Communication will always be done when change and any progress have been made. If you continue to use our website, it means you consent to whatever changes that have been made. If any of the clauses in terms of use are rendered illegal by court order or act of legislation, it will be scrapped off, whilst the other clauses will hold as they are.

Resources Use

Our work is to publish data for our website, and any partner we have or third party involved in the publications is not in any kind of agreement with you. How you use the information you access is at your own discretion. Any risks, injuries, damages or losses should not be pointed out to us as we are not liable in any way.