best wireless router under 50The IP address is the standard address for configuring routers. Once you get a new router, you need to configure it to start broadcasting a WIFI signal from the data cable or modem. If your router does not have any other prescribed procedure of configuration, using the is the way to go about it. It is a simple and straightforward procedure.

  • If you have a computer, connect the computer to one of the routers LAN ports
  • Connect the data cable to the router through the WAN port. (yellow port)
  • Power up the router by plugging it into power or inserting the battery (whichever applies)
  • Open the browser in the computer and type the IP address and press enter
  • The browser will open up a login page for the control panel of your router
  • The layout of the control panel will depend on the brand of router you have.
  • Log in using admin as the username and password as the password.
  • Once you are logged in click on advanced and go to setup. The exact labels might differ according to the brand of the router.
  • Click on YES, the NEXT.
  • The system will take a few minutes to configure the router and then display a congratulations message. Click OK when it’s done.

As mentioned, the exact layout of the setup panel will depend on the brand of the routers. In case you hit any snag, you can visit the support page of the respective brand. You can use the panel to make other settings. The panel is labeled with various settings that you can help you set up the router according to your preferences.  Overall, the procedure using the IP address is always quite simple and straightforward. You might want to engage a tech-savvy person if you want to engage of the settings you can make on the router though.

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