CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Ronald, the CEO, and Editor-in-Chief is the enthusiastic leader of the team that works together to bring you these incredible reviews. Ronal is a technology expert with a wealth of experience in networking. He has been a networks administrator for over 15 years. He has seen networking technologies come and go as more are invented. Ronald has been at the center of some of the most revolutionary technologies in the world. He ensures the information published on the website is factual and objective. He contributes to the platform and shares his knowledge too. He loves to share. He treasures this platform as it gives him a medium of sharing and engaging with other like-minded persons.

Ronald is always at the center of all the process that is involved in preparing the reviews. He is part and person of the testing of the various wireless technology products. He strives to ensure every bit of information published is educative. He contributed to the writing too. He ensures the pieces are written in a concise and clear manner. Ronald puts in a lot of effort in educating the public about innovative technology. He loves technology and travels far and wide to experience new technologies being unveiled.