Catherine is a Student who loves to explore new internet innovations.  She attends 80% of internet congresses held within the country. She is a tutor in her free time her favorite topic is explaining how wireless technology works. When she is not tutoring, she spends her time writing about the different technologies and how to they came to be. She offers detailed work on applications of radio wireless technology such as GPS unit, broadcast television, and cordless telephones. Catherine is a strong believer in science, and her curious mind gets her doing more research on what more technology has to offer. Her latest speech on mobile phones and data transmission made her win an international and her work published by one of the well-known writers.

Catherine loves to travel a lot. She organizes tours for her family and church groups. She has a strong attraction towards culture and traditions. She explores the different beliefs of people and writes about them. She believes it is important for her because before technology people had different ways of life such as communal prayers, gatherings, and ceremonies. She loves how technology has created one global community where people can learn, interact and trade.


Rachael is a wife, a mum, a friend, and a good professor. She majored in English and enjoyed to teach literature. When Rachael is not teaching, you will find her in the park with her young ones or at the zoo where she likes to study animal behavior and write about them. She is a blogger, something she started at a very young age.

Rachael has a love for emerging trends too. This is something she picked up from her husband who is a renowned software developer and manager at a local IT firm. Rachael is more curious about wireless technologies how they work, the science behind it and the various wireless gadgets that are currently in the market. Her current fascination is about the wireless routers and how they help connect to the internet to other wireless devices. Rachael’s husband understands her curiosity and on her, their free time they visit his organization and their favorite part of the visit is the lab. This gives Rachael a chance to see how the devices are made and she gets more detailed information on connectivity and technology as a whole. Rachael shares most of this information to her students who also seem to share her curiosity.